Below are some of the comments and thank you messages that we have received recently.

“Little Learners has provided a safe, nurturing and stimulating ‘home away from home’ learning environment for both of my children. The staff are warm, kind, incredibly patient and create a family atmosphere that has always meant that my children felt happy going to nursery. It is truly a nursery with a huge heart. The teachers are very creative in the many ways in which they use the learning environment and the Montessori and other materials; they are always looking for new ways to challenge and stimulate my son’s interests and to push him in his learning. The staff are extremely responsive to queries and are always willing to discuss anything related to my children’s development and offer reassurance when we’ve needed it.” Review submitted on 10th May 2021 from a Website Submission by Rebecca R (Mother of Child). 

“The Little Learners is truly outstanding. My son started here age three and he fitted in perfectly. Smooth transition, teachers tentative, friendly and genuinely caring.” Review submitted on 13 February 2019 from a Website Submission by Priya V (Mother of Child). 

“We could not be happier with Little Learners Watford, our son has been learning so much since he started last July. Every day he is surprising us with new words he’s learnt there. The staff are amazing, always helpful and the feedback they give on a daily basis is so accurate, helping us understand and follow his development.” Review submitted from a Website Submission by Maria Cristina V (Mother of Child)

“An Outstanding nursery, very friendly caring and attentive staff. They have always provided the best care and attention and focus on both the learning and enjoyment for all children attending. Couldn’t be happier with the way they look after the children and would recommend the nursery to anyone. Review submitted from a Website Submission by Paul (Father of Child)

“This is a truly remarkable nursery. Each staff member gives such attention to detail and seems to genuinely love spending time with the children. My daughter loves it and I completely trust each and every hardworking staff member.” Review submitted from a Website Submission by Saimah (Mother of Child)

“I feel that this is an outstanding Montessori school with caring staff and excellent facilities. My son has progressed immensely with his language and communication skills. The nursery embraces all cultures and there are plenty of events throughout the year. I love the outdoor area where they can play. I would highly recommend The Little Learners Montessori and will be sending all my children there.” Review submitted from a Website Submission by Mr W (Father of Child)


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