Welcome to the Little Learners

Thank you for your interest in The Little Learners Montessori Nursery School. We make it our duty to care for each unique child who attends one of our four nurseries.

We are accredited by the MEAB Montessori Accreditation Scheme. With this knowledge you can be confident that we are a nursery that values and delivers a high quality of Montessori education.

At the Little Learners we offer Montessori education for children aged between 6 months and 5 years. Our Montessori ethos combined with our high quality care and respect for young children is what we pride ourselves in.

We operate four “OUTSTANDING” by Ofsted nurseries in North-West London: Watford, Northwood, Cricklewood and Wembley. Our environments are professionally planned, expertly staffed and will provide opportunities for the development of the child.

We strive to work in partnership with you, the parents, in the early years of your child’s life. Taking children from 6 months old requires a great deal of skill and experience in order to keep them safe and develop them as a whole. We are confident our team offers these qualities to a very high standard.

Throughout their time at The Little Learners Montessori, children develop skills in independence, concentration and above all social skills. We follow Maria Montessori’s philosophy of – care of self, care of others, and care for the environment.