COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Parents

COVID-19: Updated Guidance for Parents (June 2020)

As you will all be aware the world is currently facing an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus, COVID-19. This epidemic is understandably a cause for concern as it continues to spread throughout the UK with the long-term effects on individual’s health and the economy are still unknown. However, there is no reason for panic, through careful planning and pre-cautionary measures we have prepared the following guidance to minimise any disruption to daily life once we re-open.

This guidance sets out the measures that The Little Learners is putting in place and the steps that staff can take to reduce the spread. We will continue to send you updated information as the situation progresses and we thank you all for co-operating fully.



The Little Learners is closely monitoring and gathering information from the Department of Health England, The Department of Education, our Local Authority and all guidelines delivered and updated through official government sources to ensure that we have the most up to date information and work place practices concerning the spread and containment of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).



At any time that it is felt necessary to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19) and to ensure the health and safety welfare of all employee’s, children, parents and service users, The Little Learners will continually monitor the risk factor of keeping the setting open as a viable option. We may so at any time, revert to a closed status, with no children permitted on site or to a partially closed status, where setting places may well be limited to, but not excluding, vulnerability, age, need of care, critical key worker status of parents, special educational needs (SEND), children whom have an EHCP plan in place, children in care, children who have a social worker allocated to them already.


Arrival and Collection of Children

We do ask that you respect the safety of the children, staff and other parents visiting our setting and to keep to the social distancing measures that we have in place. To reduce the risk to the children and our staff we kindly ask that you restrain from entering the setting. Instead, please ring the buzzer and wait outside for our staff to collect/drop of your child at the entrance. Whilst you wait, please keep a minimum of 2m (6ft) apart from staff and other parents and avoid contact at all costs. There will be floor markings in place to assist with this.

Upon collection, please make a swift exit from the setting to maintain other parent’s rights to accessing the setting. Please note that this process may cause long wait times. If this occurs, we may be forced to apply allocated time slots for parents to drop off their child to allow for social distancing to be maintained. You will not be given feedback by a staff member to reduce contact time but instead receive feedback via our Famly app. If you require any further questions to be answering you are welcome to email the nursery or to call in to speak with someone.


Clothing and bedding

All clothing and bedding that the children attend in must have been washed prior to the day of your arrival.  If you are to re-use the same clothing, for example your child’s uniform, then this must be washed daily before the arrival of your child on their next session. We will return all of your child’s belongings home each day to assist in our daily cleaning of the building.


Temperature and wellness checks on arrival

Children’s temperatures will be taken upon arrival to the setting and throughout the day. If upon arrival, your child is displaying a temperature of 37.8 degrees or has a new cough or looks generally unwell or is displaying any other signs associated with coronavirus (CORVID-19) then your child will be excluded for a period of 14 days for self-isolation following the Department of Health England and the governments guidelines at present.

You will be given a date of when your child can attend again. Your child must not attend the setting before this date has expired.  This will then help to control the spread of the virus within our setting.  Should your child get tested during this time period, and a negative test comes back before the expiration of the allotted time, then providing you consent to give a copy of this for insurance purposes, your child may then attend sooner.


Promoting social distancing in Early Years

We will be operating in small bubble groups (adhering to the government ratio per age group) within the classroom. We will have no more than 15 children in the room at any time. We will space children across the building as much as possible. We will arrange the environment so that play stations are at least 2 meters apart.

We will be using the outdoor space as much as possible and keeping windows and doors open in order to enable constant fresh air to circulate the rooms. We will provide lunch for the children in small groups and space the seating of the children to promote social distancing. We will not share food and there will be no self-service at this time.



  • We will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance for children and staff to use on entry to the building and in each room to use regularly
  • We will encourage children to wash hands regularly.
  • The building will be thoroughly cleaned daily with extra cleaning products used.
  • Moreover, we have our regular contracted cleaner who will continue to attend the branch on a daily base. Prior to reopening he will be using specialist equipment to provide a thorough clean and carry out a deep clean at the end of each week.
  • We will remove soft furnishings so that we can easily clean items each day as part of our daily sterilizing process.
  • PPE is available for staff should they require it. It will be mandatory to use aprons and gloves for any personal changing.
  • Parents are not permitted to bring in any items from home except a coat, a bag of spare clothing, nappies and wipes and bedding if necessary. All items must remain in one bag which will be hung on your child’s individual peg. Please do not bring in big boxes of nappies but enough nappies for each day only.
  • Parents must take all items of belonging home each day to be washed and cleaned at home.


Staff training

Our staff will be attending a training day prior to re-opening in order to run through how to correctly use Personal Protective Equipment, complete the nurseries daily risk assessment adapted to Corona Virus and the processes we have introduced, along with clear guidance on tidying up and packing away at the end of each day. These steps have been introduced to ensure everyone is up to date and to maintain the highest quality checks moving forward.


Testing for early years staff

The government has announced that coronavirus testing has been extended to all essential workers – including education and childcare workers in England who have symptoms.  This is available to critical workers who are worried about symptoms or self-isolating. If any staff comes down with any symptoms they will be required to self-isolate and immediately book a test.