Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports Classes, Yoga, Dance and Drama

The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all the children need to develop and excel in a broad range of physical activities. Our aim is to give the children the earliest possible start in developing a healthy and active life-style.

Sports classes, Yoga and Dance also help children to develop body awareness, to learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way, to help to build concentration and to increase their confidence and positive self-image.

Mini Lingos

Musical Spanish classes where children learn the language through recognisable English nursery rhymes and well known children’s songs all sung in Spanish.

For more information please visit www.minilingos.co.uk


Children get the opportunity to practise ballet. Our Montessori curriculum involves using the “walking on the line” technique, which Dr. Montessori began using as a practical life exercise to promote perfect equilibrium and to consolidate the body’s movements. This exercise helps the child develop their balance and strengthens the mind’s control of the body’s movements.